Losing My Religion

Is life just one plane of existence and death another? Or is death a state where one ceases to be self-aware? I know the body decomposes but what of the soul or the state of being self-aware? Does that cease or do we move into a different reality or plane of existence? I will only know through death! No, I don’t like the idea of dying because I believe I still have much to live for. Ok now the religious fanatics are calling me a Heretic. What is religion?

I’m no longer a religious person but I consider myself very spiritual. In today’s society, people hide behind the doctrine of their religion. Why? Religion is man-made. Look at all the different religions: Baptists “several different branches”, Presbyterian, Catholic, Methodist and so on. Each has their own doctrine they follow and differs in many respects to the others. I once heard a Baptist ask a Catholic what religion he was. When the Catholic answered the Baptist said, “That’s OK, God will forgive you anyway”. Ask someone why they are Baptist for instance and chances are they will respond with, “That’s where I’m comfortable”. Is that the purpose of religion, to let you be comfortable, follow the doctrine, believe everything the preacher says, live inside your little box and follow like sheep? Your cozy life is uneventful and at the end of days what impact did you have on your fellow-man? If we all saw things that way would we still be in the dark ages? Look at the wars that have been fought over recorded time. Most, not all, were fought over a difference in religious beliefs, one religion trying to force their beliefs on another.

Yes I do believe in a higher being and I call him “God”, but to others he is known by many different names. The ancient Hebrews called him Yahweh, the Indians of the Americas knew him only as “the great spirit” and the list goes on. I know he exists and believe he walked among us as Jesus. Others may know him as Buda, Mohammad etc.

But because of mans self-importance, man has corrupted the beautiful, natural, pure innocence God has intended for us. There will come a time God says “enough”. For now to be able to shed the stench of man-made religion and converse with God is a gift in itself. People say I shouldn’t ask God questions. I say why not, God created me! Do you ignore questions your children ask or reply “you shouldn’t ask questions? I’ll bet you answer what you can or at least answer in the near future, but you do answer. I believe God does the same. Now you’re saying”Country Boy” you’re going against scripture!

Who wrote the bible? Man! How many times has it been translated a bunch, from ancient Hebrew, to Greek, to English, several times in English. But “Country Boy” the hand of God guided the writers. Yes and my writing now could be inspired by the hand of God but if it were printed how many times would it be translated in 2000 years? Would it still read the same, I think not.

Reminds me of a cute joke a close relative told me recently. A young monk had just joined the Monastery, took the pledge of celibacy and wanted some task to do. Every time he asks the head monk it was always the same reply “we’ve already done that”. Finally the young monk said “I have all these degrees in different languages and their beginnings, may I examine some of the manuscripts in the basement? The old head monk thought that may keep him quite for a while so he said go ahead. After a few days the young monk started shouting “hurry see what I’ve found.” The head monk asks, “What’s the big news?” The young monk says “this doesn’t say celibate it says celebrate.”

Science has proven civilization is older than 4000 years. Many people however think due to their religious beliefs it’s only 4000 years old, that God created it in 6 days. As for me I can only refer to “scripture.” “A day is as a thousand years and a thousand years a day.” To me that says “time” is merely a measurement for our small minds to comprehend, but to God time is nothing.

Scripture says, “we are born of sin.” Ask any religious person what our existence is for and they will respond “to procreate or go forth and multiply and hold up God’s name”. If we go forth and multiply how are we born of sin? A relationship between two consenting adults is one of the purest most beautiful things in Gods creation!

Is it an undiscovered cell, part of or DNA or what? God, however we see it, lives in each and every one of us. I get angry, curse, rant like a lunatic sometimes but God knows me, lives in me, and we talk, discuss, and argue. I believe God expects us to ask questions and not be sheep.

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